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  Paper Chase International is committed to assisting our client base to generate maximum value from their waste paper management solutions .We offer to one time clean outs,ongoing regular programs as well as shredding services which are customized in order to later to our clients needs.



Paper Chase International has been in the recycling business for over 25 years. We collect all grades of confidential paper for shredding and baling at our Jebel Ali plant which is equipped with our top model shredding machine.


Paper Chase International continues to upgrade all the plants and has recently invested in new baling machines made by Germany’s PAAL Group.


The new balers improved the production level to 15 tons per hour and an average bale weight from 900-1200 kg.


The installation of the new machines has been helping Paper Chase to maintain its forward momentum and satisfying the growing demand of the paper mills/ customers


We are collecting the waste paper and plastics on a regular basis. We make sure that the pickup truck will come as and when required for the collection and also your premises will be kept clean.


All the loading and transportation will be handled by Paper Chase International Inc.

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